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Town of Wasaga Beach

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Home & Vehicle Modification Program

March of Dimes

The Home & Vehicle Modification Program was established, and is funded, by the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services and March of Dimes Canada. The program provides funding for basic home and/or vehicle modifications, and is intended to assist permanent Ontario residents with a substantial impairment expected to last one year or more, with their disability management.

For more information on this program, please contact March of Dimes Canada at:

•                   www.marchofdimes.ca/EN/programs/hvmp/Pages/HomeandVehicle.aspx

•                   1-877-369-4867 (toll-free)

•                   hvmp@marchofdimes.ca

Senior Homeowners Property Tax Grant

$500 per year property tax rebate program available through the Ministry of Finance.

Details here:


Federal EnAbling Accessibility Fund (EAF)

A constituent may explore funding opportunities through the EnAbling Accessibility Fund (EAF), which is a federal competitive funding program that provides funding for projects to improve physical accessibility and safety for people with disabilities by supporting the capital costs of renovation, construction and/or retrofit activities in communities. To learn if the EAF program is accepting applications at this time, a constituent may visit the Ministry of Employment and Social Development’s website at: http://www.edsc.gc.ca/eng/disability/eaf/index.shtml.  

Canada Revenue Agency

Under the Income Tax Act, section 20(1) (qq), the federal government allows businesses/commercial building owners to deduct the amount they paid during the taxation year to make renovations or alterations to a building allowing people with mobility disabilities to gain access to the building or be mobile inside it. For more information, contact Canada Revenue Agency:

Phone:           1-800-959-5525

Website:       www.cra-arc.gc.ca/menu-eng.html   


The Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), is Provincial Legislation with the purpose of developing, implementing and enforcing accessibility standards in order to achieve accessibility for persons with disabilities with respect to goods, services, facilities, accommodation, employment, buildings, structures and premises on or before January 1, 2025.  This legislation requires both public and private sectors that provide goods and services to people in Ontario.

The Town of Wasaga Beach is committed to increasing and enhancing accessibility to its programs, goods, services, and facilities. Commitments from Council, Town staff and the Accessibility Advisory Committee are leading the Town towards ensuring its programs, goods, services and infrastructure is accessible to all residents and visitors, regardless of ability.  The goal is to incorporate accessibility as a part of everyday life and maintain it as a core element to Town services. The development and implementation of the Accessibility Plan advances and strengthens the Town's commitment to make Wasaga Beach a more accessible community.

The Town of Wasaga Beach, both as an employer and service provider, is committed to barrier free access and will:

  1. Take a leadership role in achieving and setting an example to the business, institutional and volunteer sectors in terms of access and integration, employment equity, communications, recreation, transportation, housing, design of public spaces and education.
  2. Identify barriers and gaps in existing programs, facilities and services.
  3. Continually improve the level of accessibility of municipal facilities, goods, programs and services.
  4. Actively encourage input from all segments of the community in the design, development and operation of new and renovated municipal facilities and services.
  5. Ensure the provision of quality services to all members of the community with disabilities.
  6. Provide resources and support to give effect to the Accessibility Plan.
  7. Promote accessibility within the community.


The Town of Wasaga Beach was the recipient of the AMCTO 2014 E.A. Danby Award Certificate of Merit in the category of the Implementation of Legislation, for a population of 20,000 or less, for the Accessible Beach Pathways.

The Town’s Accessibility Advisory Committee was the winner of the Breaking Down Barriers 2014 Thumbs Up  Access & Awareness Award and nominated for the Community Partner Award.

Accessible Standards - Legislation

In 2001 the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA) was enacted to improve opportunities for people with disabilities and to provide for their involvement in the identification, removal and prevention of barriers to their full participation in the life of the province. The ODA ensures that public organizations include accessibility planning into all areas operations and document it with an Accessibility Plan.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) builds upon the ODA.  The purpose of this Provincial legislation is to ensure the development, implementation and enforcement of accessibility standards in order to achieve accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities with respect to goods, services, facilities, accommodation, employment, buildings, structures and premises on or before January 1, 2025; and to provide for the involvement of persons with disabilities in the development of these accessibility standards. This Act applies to every person or organization in the public and private sectors. Regulations under the AODA will establish a series of accessibility standards that will lead Ontario to be fully accessible by 2025.

Under the AODA, Ontario Regulation 191/11 – Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) was established and outlines that all municipalities have a legal obligation to prepare a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan, which is to be reviewed no less than once every five years.

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation 191/11

The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation IASR is being phased in between now and 2021.

  • Customer Service - To help remove barriers for people with disabilities so they can access goods, services or facilities.
  • Transportation - To make it easier for everyone to travel in the province.
  • Employment - To help make hiring and employee support practices more accessible.
  • Information and Communications - To help organizations make their information accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Design of Public Spaces - To help organizations make new and redevelop outdoor public areas accessible.

Town Council continues to demonstrate its leadership in bringing forward policies and programs that support increased and enhanced accessibility to all residents. Please view the Multi Year Accessibility Plan and Integrated Accessibility Policy for further information.

The Town of Wasaga Beach is committed to working towards being compliant with all of the standards under the AODA as they are introduced.

Training Required for Town Suppliers/Vendors of Goods and Services

Legislation states that businesses and individuals that the Town of Wasaga Beach has contracted to provide goods or services to customers must ensure that their employees are trained on providing accessible customer service. This includes recreational program instructors, construction workers and more.  In general, any person or organization that does business with the Town of Wasaga Beach should receive training in Accessible Customer Service.
The Town requires all employees, volunteers and third parties (contractors, vendors, suppliers) to complete training which includes:

  • The purpose of the Act

  • How to interact with people with various disabilities

  • How to interact with people who use the assistance of a service animal or support person

  • How to use assistive devices available on the premises

  • What to do if a person with a disability is having difficulty accessing services

  • Details on the Town of Wasaga Beach’s accessibility policy, procedures and practices


The Town of Wasaga Beach welcomes your feedback. It allows us to identify ways in which we can improve the delivery of accessible programs and services to our residents. You may provide your feedback by downloading a printable version of the Accessibility Feedback or Customer Accommodation.

The Town of Wasaga Beach has developed and implemented Accessibility Policy to fulfil its requirements under the standard. The policies, practices and procedures developed are consistent with the AODA’s core principles of integration, independence, equal opportunity and dignity to ensure that quality and accessible services are provided to all residents.

Accessible Formats

The Town of Wasaga Beach will accommodate requests, whenever possible, for accessible formats following completion and submission of the Request for Alternate Format “, in a timely manner and no additional costs.

For more information about the Province's accessibility legislation and these standards, please visit Making Ontario Accessible.