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Town of Wasaga Beach

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OLG Gaming Facility Opportunity

December 2019
On Dec. 5, Mayor Bifolchi meets with Gateway officials. The company says it aims to start building in the second quarter of 2020 with an opening for the third quarter of 2021.

April 2019 Update

On April 4, 2019, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd., announced the casino will be placed just south of the Beachwood Road roundabout.

January 2019 Update

In March 2018, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) selected Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd., to operate a gaming and entertainment facility in the Georgian Triangle.

In October 2018, it was determined that Gateway would situate its casino in Wasaga Beach.

The town has five sites suitable for a casino.

The sites are as follows:

  1. Beachwood Drive (old Highway 26), Collingwood Airport Road and Mosley Street.
  2. Fairgrounds Road at Beachwood Drive (old Highway 26).
  3. 489 River Road West
  4. 550 River Road West
  5. Town-owned land at Beach Area 1.

Gateway is now reviewing the sites to determine which best suits its needs.

There will be a formal announcement made when the site is chosen.


Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited


Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation


Spring 2013 Update on the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG)

Given that some time has passed since the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) announcement made in May, 2012 regarding their intention to expand private sector gaming in Ontario by establishing five (5) new gaming sites in the province, including one in our area, Mayor Patterson and Members of Council would like to update the community on the status of the potential 300 slot gaming facility in Wasaga Beach.

Council undertook a thorough public consultation to gauge the community’s support for a gaming facility in the fall of 2012 involving two public meetings, a survey and the submission of comments by way of e-mail, written letter or in person at the Town Hall.  Upon completion of the public consultation, Council passed a resolution in November 2012 indicating that the Town of Wasaga Beach is prepared to be a willing host community for a 300 slot gaming facility on one of four sites noted below, subject to a number of conditions or preferences.

Highlights of the preferences are as follows: 

1. Development of a hotel/conference/entertainment complex as part of the gaming facility within a reasonable timeframe.
2. The operator and OLG are required to work closely with Council regarding the location.
3. The private operator is required to work closely with the Town regarding all matters pertaining to municipal processes, by-laws and regulations.
4. The private operator is to work with the Town to ensure that the gaming facility fits in with the aesthetics of the Town.
5. The OLG and private operator shall engage with the Town’s local health provider network, specifically Collingwood General & Marine Hospital and the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health care, and use best efforts to establish agreements with these organizations to address potential customer health issues that may arise.
6. The successful private operator be required to make at least one public presentation to Council on their proposal after it has been selected by the OLG.
7. The successful private operator is to use their best efforts to hire local contractors and trades to construct the new gaming facility.
8. The successful private operator is to use their best efforts to hire local residents to staff the new gaming facility.

Potential locations for a gaming facility are as follows

1. Beachwood Drive (old Highway 26), Collingwood Airport Road and Mosley Street
2. Fairgrounds Road at Beachwood Drive (old Highway 26)
3. 489 River Road West
4. 550 River Road West

Request for Pre-Qualification

The Town is advised that the OLG intends to issue a Request for Pre-Qualification (RFPQ) in the spring of 2013 to potential private sector operators – this is the next step in the process.  The reason that it has taken longer than anticipated is that there are larger cities located within the Central Zone that are currently deliberating larger scale gaming opportunities.  Given the significant size of these cities and larger scale gaming opportunities, their decision making process could delay the RFPQ process for smaller communities such as Wasaga Beach.  OLG has proceeded with the RFPQ process in other parts of the province where this is not an issue and the Town is following those processes very closely.

Council and staff maintain lines of communication with OLG staff and hope to have representatives attend a future Council meeting to provide an update. 

To learn more about the OLG and modernizing lottery and gaming in Ontario, please visit the OLG's website at www.olg.ca or www.modernolg.ca