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Town of Wasaga Beach

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Fire and Emergency Management​


Working To Keep
a Safe Community!

The Fire Department is responsible for the provision of fire and emergency response services on land and water, ongoing fire prevention and public education programs, free home escape plan consultations, safety inspections, residential and commercial inspections, emergency planning and active participation throughout the community and schools during Fire Prevention Week and Emergency Preparedness Week.

The Fire Department offers the following services to the community:

  • Fire suppression, water rescue, specialized rescue and auto extrication
  • Emergency medical response
  • Commercial and residential inspections
  • Fire prevention and public education programs throughout the year with a special focus during Fire Prevention Week in October
  • The “Alarmed for Life” home smoke alarm safety check program, that involves the fire department conducting home fire safety checks to confirm that there are an adequate number of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms and that they are properly located within the dwelling
  • Through consultation and our Emergency Plan, we assist families in establishing a “Fire Safety Plan” and “Home Escape Plan”
  • Assist businesses to prepare a “Fire Safety Plan”
  • Provide infant car seat installation guidance and training
  • Promote emergency preparedness in Wasaga Beach


Fire FAQs

Q: How many firefighters does the Town have?

A: The Town of Wasaga Beach has a full time Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, 20 full time firefighters, 16 volunteer firefighters and a full time Administrative Assistant.

Q: How many Fire Stations are there in Wasaga Beach?

A: There are 2 Fire Stations, one in the east side of Town, (Station 1 – Headquarters - Chief and Deputy Chief's offices) opened in the Fall of 2012 at 966 River Road West and Station 2 located in the west end of Town at 3050 Mosley Street.

Q: Does the Fire Department have a Marine Response Unit?

A: YES. The Fire Department has a marine rescue unit which has firefighting capabilities as well.

Q: Does the Fire Department have a Dive Search and Recovery Team?

A: NO, however the Fire Department has underwater camera equipment that is used to start search and recovery operations but the OPP Dive Team would be called in.

Q: How many years is my portable fire extinguisher good for?

A: There is no definite life expectancy of an extinguisher. Manufacturers say most extinguishers should work for 5 to 15 years.

Replace or service an extinguisher right away if it's been used or if you notice any damage or deterioration.

Q: Where/How do I dispose of a portable fire extinguisher?

A: They can be dropped off at either fire station and we will have them disposed of safely.

Q: How many smoke alarms do I need in my house?

A: The law requires that at least one working smoke alarm shall be installed on every floor (storey) of a home and outside sleeping areas.

In new construction after January 1, 2014, additional smoke alarms are required IN EACH SLEEPING ROOM. Example: a one storey home with a basement and 3 bedrooms would require 5 (five) smoke alarms.

Q: Do smoke alarms expire?

A: YES, the sensors become weak and possibly ineffective therefore it is recommended that smoke alarms are replaced every 10 (ten) years.

Some newer smoke alarms have an expiry date sticker on them.

Q: Are Carbon Monoxide Alarms required in homes?

A: Carbon Monoxide Alarms are required in homes that have a fuel burning appliance (furnace, water heater, gas cooking range) and/or an attached garage. CO Alarms shall be installed adjacent to each sleeping area.

Q: Do carbon monoxide alarms expire?

A: YES, same as smoke alarms the sensors can become ineffective over time and should be replaced every 10 (ten) years

Q: Am I allowed to burn leaves and twigs?

A: NO (See "Open Fires" BY-LAW #2007-64).

Q: Am I allowed to have a fire in my backyard?

A: YES, however you must conform to the Bylaw. (See "Open Fires" BY-LAW #2007-64).

Q: Do I have to have a fire permit for a campfire?

A: NO, the Town does not use a permit system; residents may have campfires providing they are following the rules of the "Open Fires" Bylaw (BY-LAW #2007-64).

Q: How do I dispose of a propane tank?

A: For landfill locations where HHW (household hazardous waste) can be dropped off,  contact the County of Simcoe by telephone 705-735-6901 or visit their website at  www.simcoe.ca/wastewizard

Q: How do I get rid of Aerosol cans?

A: For landfill locations where HHW (household hazardous waste) can be dropped off,  contact the County of Simcoe by telephone 705-735-6901 or visit their website at  www.simcoe.ca/wastewizard

Q: Is there a safe way to store oily rags?

A: The storage of oily rags is discouraged, disposal or laundering is recommended. If you choose to store rags containing chemical please purchase an approved storage container designed for this purpose.