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Downtown Wasaga Beach - Changes to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law

In order to implement the Downtown Development Master Plan, on June 26, 2018 Town Council made the decision to:

  • Adopt an Official Plan AmendmentDowntown OPA 52that creates a planning policy framework for a mixed-use Downtown Core on Main Street and a revitalized beachfront;
  • Pass a Zoning By-law Amendment Downtown ZBA - 2018-57 that sets out the development standards for mixed-use development, higher residential densities and various housing forms;

Approve Urban Design Guidelines Wasaga Beach Downtown UDG that provide guidance for the development of public and private property in the Downtown area.

Please see the Notice of Adoption of the Official Plan Amendment and Passing of the Zoning By-law Amendment Notice of Adoption - Downtown OPA - 11JUL2018 for more information.

Please note that the Official Plan Amendment must be approved by the County of Simcoe before it, and the implementing Zoning By-law Amendment, come into effect.

Public Consultation

The Town hosted two public open houses to answer questions and discuss the proposed Downtown policy framework with residents on May 16th and 23rd, 2018.  A public meeting was held at a Council meeting on May 29, 2018.   

Downtown Planning Amendments - Open House Display Material May 2018

Notice of Public Meeting

Downtown Planning Amendments Public Meeting Presentation

Downtown Wasaga Beach – Urban Design Guidelines

To support the planning policy framework for Downtown Wasaga Beach, on June 26, 2018, Town Council also approved the Downtown Wasaga Beach Urban Design Guidelines Wasaga Beach Downtown UDG for Downtown Wasaga Beach.  The Urban Design Guidelines aim to ensure high-quality design that enhances and contributes to the unique identity of both the public realm (streets, open space, and public squares) and the private realm (building size and massing on private property).