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Council Priorities 2014 - 2018

The following are Council’s priorities for this term approved on February 17, 2015. Over the coming months Committee of the Whole will now develop action plans for each of the priority items to ensure they are addressed over this term of Council.

New High School for Wasaga Beach
Promote Tourism
Focus on Economic Development
Introducing a Variety of Housing Types in new Residential Developments
Capital Works Priorities
Improved Relationship with Ontario Parks
Improved Administration and Governance


Priority Details

New High School for Wasaga Beach

  • Use every effort, working with the School Board, all levels of government , local residents and businesses, to bring a high school to Wasaga Beach

Promote Tourism

  • Working with the business community to develop new methods to promote the Town as a tourist destination, support our tourism industry, and work with the private sector to help upgrade tourism products and accommodation
  • Work with land owners/developers to attract a major hotel/tourist development
  • Work with land owners/developers to encourage the creation of attractions to make the Town a desirable place to visit
  • Re-visit the 2008 Tourist Strategy to see what is still relevant to be implemented or if it needs to be updated
  • Pursue grants that would benefit the municipality and reduce the reliance on tax dollars
  • Review the relationship with the Chamber of Commerce for the provision of tourism services
  • Increase the number and size of special events that attract visitors to Wasaga Beach that stay overnight in local accommodations, working with event organizers that market events extensively

Focus on Economic Development

  • Support the business community with innovative programs such as the Façade Improvement Program to help them succeed in their businesses
  • Work to attract new businesses to the community to meet identified service needs and increase  commercial assessment so as to balance commercial and residential assessment and keep tax increases to a minimum
  • Explore the development of a "Main Street" into a downtown core encompassing tourism, office, retail and residential facilities in an architecturally designed and pleasing environment
  • Review the development plans for the public areas at Beach Area 1 and the development proposed for Beach Area 2
  • Establish a business friendly town hall, such as:
    • Establish the Economic Development Officer as the formal advocate for business through various processes at Town Hall
    • Explore options under the Building Code Act and Town policies and practices to facilitate and expedite the construction of new businesses or renovations to existing businesses
    • Streamline the process for new and renewal of business licenses
  • Review the status of the Business Park with the goal of expediting  the occupancy of the park with new businesses and/or institutional uses
  • Work with the operators of the new Casino to achieve maximum benefit for the residents and businesses of Wasaga Beach

Introducing a Variety of Housing Types in new Residential Developments

  • Work with developers to encourage them to develop their properties with a variety of housing types to make the Town a desirable place to live
  • Work with developers to see rental or condominium apartments developed and on the market with 5 to 10 percent being designated as "affordable" for seniors and people with disabilities

Capital Works Priorities

  • Investigate the establishment of a new library as grants permit
  • Investigate the establishment of a new multi-purpose recreation and event centre, including a new arena and indoor sports facility
  • Investigate the establishment of an afterhours medical clinic/urgent care centre
  • Investigate the establishment of an outdoor skating track similar to what exists at Arrowhead Provincial Park, McGregor Point Provincial Park, Huntsville and Brampton
  • Look to re-name an existing road as a Veterans Way / Peacekeepers Way as a way to respect our military past/present/future
  • Explore the feasibility of Improving the town boat launch and/or possibility re-locating the boat launch to another location
  • Explore ATV and snowmobile access on town roads to access gas, food and accommodation,  but more importantly to increase tourism
  • Continue to widen River Road West from Brillinger Drive to County Road 92, when grants are available
  • Incorporate sidewalks and crosswalks in high traffic areas in the re-design of existing roads or where circumstances warrant
  • Continue the infill of water and sewer projects to ensure all residents have a safe supply of drinking water
  • Once engineering design work is complete for River Road West to Main Street, to initiate the design process for the expansion of Mosley Street to four lanes from 45th Street to Beachwood Drive so that it is construction ready

Improved Relationship with Ontario Parks

  • Review the relationship with the Provincial Park to help promote tourism in Wasaga Beach
  • More emphasis on tourism and positive visitor experience incorporated in the new Provincial Park Master Plan
  • Work with the Provincial Government on to trade surplus environmental lands the Town owns for surplus developable lands the Province owns 

Improved Administration and Governance

  • Implement more effective communication with the public through the proactive use of media releases, web site, Town page in the paper, Council meeting summaries and other means determined by Council‎
  • Explore the feasibility of establishing a ward system
  • Strive to have a minimal tax increase on an annual basis for the Town portion of property taxes based on the operational and capital needs of the municipality
  • Council to deliver an annual report to the residents and businesses in format to be determined
  • Implement an excellence in customer service program
  • Review the Purchasing By-law with a view to include language that provides weight to local material and labour included in RFQ's, Tenders and RFP's issued for Town projects, while ensuring that Council receives best value for any purchasing actions it undertakes.
  • Review the Purchasing By-law to ensure that there is wording in the By-law that requires all RFQ's, Tenders and RFP's to be advertised in a manner that will reach a broad base of potential suppliers of goods and services.