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Town of Wasaga Beach

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Wasaga Beach Cemetery​

Wasaga Beach Cemetery - COVID-19 Notice

Flower/Wreath Policy

Potted flowers, real or artificial, and wreaths are permitted on a grave site the calendar week leading to:

  • Easter
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Remembrance Day

and must be removed within one calendar week of the particular day.

June 1st to September 1st

Fresh flowers only No potted flowers or wreaths

November 15th to March 15th

Winter wreaths  (wreath stands permitted)

Plant hooks, cultivated gardens or articles, other than those as permitted in the By-law or as posted, are not allowed.

* * *

1) Trees, shrubs, flowers or other plants may not be cultivated on the lots. The Corporation may remove any trees, shrubs, flowers or plants in contravention hereof.

2) Glass containers, nails, wires, pottery or any other material of any kind that may create hazard to workers or visitors  are not  allowed in the Cemetery at any time.

3) The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all real or artificial flowers, potted plants, wreaths and baskets of flowers when they become withered or unsightly, or if for any reason deemed by the Cemetery Custodian to be in the best  interest of the Cemetery.

The Wasaga Beach Cemetery is a non-denominational cemetery located at 610 Sunnidale Road South at the corner of Orchard Drive. All persons interring their loved ones in the Wasaga Beach Cemetery shall be at liberty to do so according to their own religious beliefs or other cultural ceremonies and customs, subject to any contrary provision of the By-Law for the operation of the Wasaga Beach Cemetery.

The main entrance is from Sunnidale Road South with a second entrance from Orchard Drive.

The Wasaga Beach Cemetery was established in 1995 and its six acres of property are nestled in a quiet and serene part of Town.

Cemetery FAQs

Q: Where is the Wasaga Beach Cemetery located?

A: The Cemetery is located at 610 Sunnidale Road South, Wasaga Beach, ON

Q: What is the cost of buying a plot in the Wasaga Beach Cemetery?

A: Please see our Fees and Charges for a complete listing; or contact the Cemetery Custodian

Phone705-429-3844 Ext 2224

Email cemetery@wasagabeach.com

Q: Am I allowed to plant shrubs or flowers?

A: Shrubs and planted flowers are not permitted; the flower policy as per the Cemetery By-law, posted at the Cemetery or contact the Cemetery Custodian

705-429-3844  Ext. 2224


Q: Are there guidelines for headstones and who do I talk to?

A: Please refer to theCemetery By-law, located on our website or contact the Cemetery Custodian

705-429-3844 Ext. 2224