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Town of Wasaga Beach

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Fees & Charges - Treasury

Approved January 30, 2018

​Item ​FeePer
Fax Transmittal - Canada & USA
​- one page​$2.00​page
- additional pages​$1.00​page
Fax Transmittal - International
​- one page$5.00page
- additional pages $2.00page
Receiving of Fax Transmissions​$1.00​page
Tax, Water & Sewer Arrears Certificates​$75.00
Tax Record​$15.00
​Returned Cheque Charge​$35.00
Tax Sale Tender Package​$10.00
​Penalty on Tax Arrears (included in Levying By-Law)​1.25%​month
Interest on Tax Arrears (included in Levying By-Law)1.25%month
Interest on Water/Sewer Arrears1.25%month
Water/Sewer Account Activation Fee​$15.00
Sale of Land for Tax Arrears
All costs related to the registration of a Tax Arrears Certificate, applicable staff time, and any other related Town expenses.​ALL COSTS

Taxes, where applicable, will be applied in addition to the fee listed.
Fees and charges may be amended from time to time by Council.