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Town of Wasaga Beach

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2019 Fees & Charges - Bylaw

Approved December 18, 2018

By-Law Enforcement  |  Licensing  |  Animal Control and Licensing  |  Parking

​Item ​FeePer
​Property Standards
​- Certificate of Compliance
​- Fence Viewer Application (plus award of costs)
​Property Clean Up Administrative Fee
​- Clean Yards or Notice of Violation
​- Standard Property Standards Order
​$50.00up to 3 pages
​- Complex Property Standards Order
​$100.00over 3 pages
​- Follow-up Inspection - non-compliant
​- Clean-up Compliance Supervision
​$50.00​per hour
​Sign By-Law Fees
​- Directional Sign Application
​- Directional Sign Renewal
​- "A" Frame Sign Application
​- "A" Frame Sign Renewal
​- Sign Removal Fee
​$15.00​per sign
​- Small Sign Return Fee
​$2.00​per sign
​- Large Sign Return Fee (includes "A" Frames)
​$25.00​per sign
​- Wire/Picket Ground Signs
​$10.00​per permit
​- Basic Sign (no Building Permit required)
​$25.00​per sign
​- On-Building Signs - non-digital (facia, projecting, etc.)
​$50.00​per sign
​- On-Building Signs - digital (if variance granted)
​$100.00​per sign
​- Standard or Billboard Signs - non-digital
​$125.00​per sign
​- Standard or Billboard Signs - digital
​$150.00​per sign
​- Other Signs (building permit required)
​$50.00​per sign
​- Non-Compliance Fee (sign erected without permit)
​$50.00​per sign
** Municipal Address Sign Fee - As per Schedule "M" **
​Yard Sale Permit (2 per year maximum)
​- Payable in advance at the municipal office
​- Payable on site
​- Bingo Licence
1.5%​of prize value
​- Raffle Licence
​3%​of prize value
​- “Break Open” Tickets
​3%​of prize value
​Business Licence

Business Licence Type
​Application ​Renewal
​- Amusement Establishment $160.00$132.50
​- Basic Business*$52.50 $52.50
​- Car Wash
$160.00 $132.50
​- Catering Company*
​- Contracting Company*
​- Driving Instructor
- Food & Beverage Premise
​- Food Vehicle
​- Hawker & Peddler
​- Holistic Services: Owner or Operator
$160.00   $132.50
​- Practitioner
​- Home Occupation*
$52.50   $52.50
​- Kennel
$160.00  $132.50
​- Limousine Services: Company
​- Driver
$75.00 $75.00
​- Vehicle
​- Personal Service Establishment
$160.00  $132.50
​- Pet Groomer
$160.00  $132.50
​- Physical Fitness Establishment$160.00$132.50
​- Retail Business $300.00 $300.00
​- Special Sale (includes garage/yard sale) $10.00per licence per property
​- Group Special Sale $25.00per licence up to 25 properties
​- Taxicab Services: Company $150.00$150.00
​- Driver $75.00$75.00
​- Vehicle$50.00$50.00
​- Tourist Establishment/ Short-Term Accommodation
​- Tow Services: Company $150.00$150.00
​- Driver $75.00$75.00
​- Vehicle$50.00 $50.00
*Subject to inspection fees, if found applicable through Business Licence application
Additional Licensing Fees
Late Renewal Fee30% of renewal fee
Missed Inspection Fee$27.50
Amendment to Business Licence Fee$25.00
Replacement of Business Licence Fee$25.00
Licence Periods
Type of Business
Expriy Date
Amusement Establishment
October 15th One Year
Basic Business
October 15th One Year
Car Wash
November 15thOne Year
Catering Company
September 15thOne Year
Contracting Company
March 15th or​Six Month or

September 15thOne Year
Driving Instructor
December 1stOne Year
Food & Beverage Premise
March 31stOne Year
Food Vehicle
October 1st orSix Month or

April 1st One Year
Hawker & Peddler
Varies​Four Months
Holistic Services: Owner, Operator, or Practitioner
January 31stOne Year
Home Occupation
January 31stOne Year
December 15thOne Year
Limousine Services: Company, Driver or Vehicle
December 1stOne Year
Personal Service Establishment
February 28thOne Year
Pet Groomer
April 15thOne Year
Physical Fitness Establishment
February 28thOne Year
Retail Business
October 31stTwo Year
Special Sale
Varies​Two per Property per Year
Taxicab Services: Company, Driver or Vehicle
December 1stOne Year
Tourist Establishment, Short-Term Accommodations
October 1st orSix Month or
Tourist Establishment, Short-Term Accommodations
April 1st One Year
Tow Services: Company, Driver or Vehicle
December 1stOne Year
Dog Tag - payment received by Dec 31
​- Not neutered/spayed
​- Neutered/spayed
​- Seniors - first dog
​- Seniors - second dog
Dog Tag - payment received after Dec 31 (except new dogs)
​Replacement of Lost or Stolen Tag​$12.50
​License for Non-Compliance Notice
​Initial Exemption Review Request (more than 2 dogs)
​Kennel Licence​$300.00
​Animal Control Officer - Return of dog running at large/currently licensed dog
​- First Offence
​- Second Offence
​- Third Offence
​Impoundment Fees
​Pick Up Fee​$95.00
​- Boarding 2nd night - Payable to the municipality by owner
​$25.00​per night
​- Boarding 3rd night - Payable to the municipality by owner
​$25.00​per night
​Licensing fees at Pound without immediate proof of current rabies
​- Cost of Pound issued licence​$30.00
​- + Recoverable fee

(The owner named on the licence may, within 45 days of the licence issue date, apply for a rebate to the Municipal Law Enforcement Department upon proof of rabies vaccination or proof from a licensed veterinarian that the impounded dog is exempt)
​- + Service charge
​Voluntary Disposal of Dog​$300.00
​Maintenance care (flea bath/de-worm)​All costs
​Rabies/Immunizations (after 3rd day)​All costs
​Authorized Emergency Vet Care while impounded​All costs
​Parking Rates
​Parking Meter​$0.05minute
​Beach Area Lots (Including Municipal Picnic Area & Dunkerron Lot)
​- Hourly (2 hour minimum)   
​- Increments thereafter
​$1.00​20 minutes
​- Daily
​Main Street Lot
​- Hourly
​$3.00​3 hours
​- Daily
Town Hall Lot (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays only)​$4.00​day
On street parking
- Pay & Display (30 minute minimum)$2.0030 minutes
​- Increments thereafter
​$1.00​15 minutes
​Bus/Oversized Vehicle - Nancy Street Lot Only
(1 valid parking receipt)
​- Hourly (2 hour minimum)
​- Increments thereafter
​$1.00​20 minutes
​- Daily
Resident Parking Pass
Replacement of Lost Resident Parking Pass (first)
Electronic Non-Resident Parking Pass for Municipal Lots

Taxes, where applicable, will be applied in addition to the fee listed.
Fees and charges may be amended from time to time by Council.