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On November 30, 2007 a fire destroyed the majority of buildings on Main Street at the main beachfront of Wasaga Beach. Main Street sat with limited activity until the summer of 2016. On July 1, 2016 Council cut the ribbon on the Main Street Market. Nine years after the fire - vibrant life and activity was back.

The Main Street Market is intended as a temporary activation project. Retro style kiosks house a collection of independent culinary experiences as well as fun activities for kids. Anchoring the market is the Beach Bar – home of the Wasaga Beach Brewing Company, the Town's first craft brewing company.

Throughout the summer months the market is full of life with events and activities planned for most days between July 1st and Labour Day in September. Activities range from family friendly outdoor movies to live music, face-painting and karaoke.

The Main Street Market has been a tremendous success but it is temporary. The goal is to redevelop this area as part of the implementation of the first phase of the downtown plan. When the time comes to move forward with redevelopment, the Town can look at relocating the market to another location at the beachfront. In the interim, the market delivers a family-friendly attraction for the residents and tourists.   

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The summer of 2017 has brought a fresh new face to the main beachfront of Wasaga Beach. Building on the success of the Main Street Market in 2016, the Town partnered with Cityline Television and Benjamin Moore to undertake a beachfront make-over. Under the guidance of CityLine's colour consultant Sharon Grech, a new colour palette was selected to update the image of current beachfront businesses. In addition to professional painters, an energetic group of volunteers picked up brushes and paint cans to lend their support to the make-over effort. The results have been tremendous - a fresh new face and an engaged community that is proud of their work.


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