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As I am sure you are aware on the Family Day Weekend (February 17th – 20th) The Town of Wasaga and many community partners host our annual Snowman Mania. A key component of the success of this event has been the involvement of the elementary schools and we wish to continue this for this fabulous 2017 event. Snowman Mania offers an inclusive low cost family oriented weekend of interactive activities and entertainment for all ages.

This is to not only to inform you and your entire school about the festivities but also offer options for involvement, student volunteers and a chance to obtain free passes for students and family you who may require support to attend.


The Snowman Mania organizing committee has set a goal to be inclusive with each of the elementary schools in Wasaga Beach and the surrounding area. One of the ways we would like to do this is to provide a 6' x 3' Snowman Mania Banner to any class that wishes to paint/draw or colour a winter mural.  These banners/murals will be on display during the entire event at the RecPlex for children and families to view.  A class prize will be given to the best two Murals and the announcement will be made at the Opening Kick-Off Event on Friday, February 17th, 2017. Please See attached registration from.

  • Ordering of Class Banners Deadline – Friday, February 3rd, 2017 by 12:00 pm

  • Banners will be delivered to your school by Wednesday, February 8th

  • Banners to be picked up from you school by Wednesday, February 15th

Also, ask about the Family 3 on 3 Hockey event, Chili Cook-Off, or any other events that may interest you and your schools.


The Snowman Mania Event relies heavily on volunteerism to deliver this event to the community.  You may have some grade 8 students who are looking for opportunities of community involvement to set them up for success going into high school when they are required to volunteer as part of their curriculum. Snowman Mania is a great opportunity for these individuals to gain this experience and exposure to volunteerism. Please see attached volunteer application form.

Free Buttons: 

As part of our goal to be 100% inclusive to all families in Wasaga Beach we are offering up to 20 free buttons to each school to be passed out to families and students who may require assistance to attend this event. Please see attached form.

The Snowman Mania Committee would love the opportunity to speak about this event to your school. We are able to present an interactive high energy announcement or presentation to engage your student base and become involved with this event. Weather this be through your morning announcements, spirit rallies/assemblies or if a particular class would like a brief guest speaker, let us know and we will set up a time that will work with your schedule.

Help us make Snowman Mania 2017 part of a Family Day weekend your students and this community never forget!!!

Volunteer Application Package

Class Banner Sign Up Sheet

Button Request Form