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Town of Wasaga Beach Response to COVID-19

To help slow the rate of COVID-19 infection, the Town of Wasaga Beach have closed municipal facilities to the public and modified services provisions. All non-essential services, programs and events have been cancelled.

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Town of Wasaga Beach

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Upcoming Business Events


Service Excellence Training - Ongoing

Free one hour online training that will provide the fundamentals of customer service for frontline and other first impression staff.  We​bsite​​​​

It’s Your Shift

Free online training for those in the hospitality industry to learn how to recognize and deal with sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. Training consists of 5 modules that offer training for both front end staff and managers. Website

*NEW* March 31 - Digital Service Squad Live
April Dates: 7, 14, 21, 28
May Dates: 5, 12, 19, 26
Your Digital Service Squad is here to help. Join Ben Frisch every Tuesday at 10am for a Facebook live video. He'll be focusing on digital marketing, tips, advice, and support to help navigate this dificult time for businesses. You can connect, ask questions and suggest new topics. Upcoming topics Include: Getting started with E-commerce, Selling on social media, how to use tools like zoom, and slack to adapt and continue operating your business. Learn More

*NEW* March 31 - Resource Management: Navigating the Impact on Canadian Businesses
As the world continues to respond and follow the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, one of the most common questions we’re receiving is, “What is the government providing to support Canadian businesses affected by COVID-19?” The government’s responsive actions evolve each day and we are watching closely for business funding stimulus in response to COVID-19. ​Learn More

*NEW* April 2 - Starter Company Plus - Application and Business Planning Info Session #3
BEING HELD VIRTUALLY This application and business planning information session will provide insight and support for the application process for the Starter Company Plus program (a program designed to help with business start-up and growth). We recommend that you attend one of these sessions. However, attendance is not a requirement to make an application. Learn More

*NEW* April 2 - eCommerce 101: What, Why, and How
Join us online for an E-commerce webinar, to help business owners with the basic concepts of setting up an online shop. We will go over the steps required before launching a store to assist with the basic foundations and necessary steps you need to start selling online. Learn More

*NEW* April 3 - The Importance of Mental Health and Creating Connections
During current unprecedented times, isolation may have different meanings for everyone. You may be helping the greater good to social distance, however, isolating yourself from positive messaging and and uplifting knowledge to help better your journey to success isn’t the answer. NOW is the perfect time to come together to RISE, CONNECT, and EXPLORE what your journey to success can look like! The conversations don’t stop now – they’re just beginning. Learn More

*NEW* April 3 - Shopify Presents: Offline to Online
In partnership with Digital Main Street, Shopify is pleased to bring you an educational session covering how to get started with an online business. The session will start at 11am EST, and we have up to two hours for business coaching and advice. Bring any business problems or questions you want to discuss and we would be happy to help you navigate a path forward! Learn More

*NEW* April 6 - Customer Engagement During COVID-19: How To Stay Top of Mind
More than ever, your small business needs to be engaging with customers virtually. In this workshop, you will get practical tips and tricks to use social media, email marketing, and Google My Business platforms to create meaningful engagement with your customers and community. This in-depth and informative presentation will be given by our Digital Service Squad Members, and is a unique opportunity to learn from them and participate in AMA (ask me anything) question and answer sessions. Learn More

*NEW* April 7 - Website Building For Beginners: Boot Camp
Building a website for your business can be a very complicated and frustrating experience if you’ve never attempted it before. There are lots of pitfalls and roadblocks you can avoid by attending this boot camp! Many first time builders have to bear the expense of completely rebuilding their website a second time, after they learn the hard way. In this boot camp, you’ll learn the easy way to do it right the first time and save money! Learn More

*NEW* April 7 - Facebook and Instagram Advertising On A Small Budget
Whether you have $0, $50, or $100 a month to spend on Facebook and Instagram, you can still reach your target customers and clients. Discover some creative ways to do so in this beginner-level webinar. Learn More

*NEW* April 8 - Local SEO and Google My Business Workshop
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not need to be an overwhelming topic. There are so many little things that you can do today, for free, to improve your Google search ranking. In this workshop we will focus on these small action items that will get you the biggest results. We will talk about SEO from a local perspective and share ways to optimize your website and Google My Business listing so that more people can find you online. Learn More

*NEW* April 8 - Web Presence 101: Ensuring Your Foundation Is Set
Your customers are on the web. Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your small business online. Your website is the backbone of your business, supporting all of your digital marketing efforts. In this workshop we’ll discuss the importance of a website for your business success and what you need to know about getting started with a professional website for your business. Learn More

*NEW* April 16 - Facebook and Instagram for Business Workshop
In this workshop we look at two of the most popular social media platforms and provide key strategies for marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram. Starting from identifying your audience profiles, setting up and maximizing your page, to developing content and strategies for engaging and growing your audience. Plus we will take an in-depth look at boosting your posts for even more reach. this workshop is presented by Ben Frisch, your Digital Service Squad Representative. ​Learn More

*NEW* April 22 - Small Business Websites 101
You don't need a big budget to get noticed on the web - you just need creativity! Savvy businesses are using bootstrap digital marketing techniques to amplify their message online. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn the tricks and tools needed to market your business effectively on a shoestring budget. Learn More

*NEW* April 23 - SEO Fundamentals
You have a website, but how do customers find it? You need to drive traffic to your website by making sure your business shows up on Google when customers search. This beginner workshop will teach you how to connect your business to customer searches on Google and how to optimize your website and digital presence for Google, without costing you money. Learn More

*NEW* May 12 - Key Skills for Effective Boards of Directors
At their best, Boards of Directors help leadership to tackle tomorrow’s challenges, and act as a material positive contributor to organizational success. So what do you do when poor governance practices, lack of commitment, personal agendas, or unawareness of proper processes prevent their primary purpose and become a drag on management’s time? Learn More


March 31 - Tourism Mini Conference 

Join South Georgian Bay Tourism, Small Business Enterprise Center, Center for Business, and other tourism-related business owners from across the South Georgian Bay for an inspiring and informative morning of presentations from experts in areas of Industry Trends, Maximizing Sales Performance, Best Practices, the Sharing Economy, and Strategic Partnerships. Learn More

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