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Environmental Assessment & Public Works

Nottawasaga River Crossing ESR Report

SWM Report - 58th Street Drainage Assessment

SWM Study for Robinson Road Area

Nottawasaga River Shorewall Standards 2014-12-19

Veterans Way and Klondike Park Road Geometric Improvements and Watermain Schedule B

Veterans Way and Klondike Park Geometrics and Watermain Schedule B

Mosley Street Urbanization 45th Street to Beachwood Road Schedule C

Mosley Street Urbanization - Report

Mosley Street Urbanization - Appendices

Bay Sands Drainage

Bay Sands Class - Report

Bay Sands Class - Appendices

West End Water Storage and Public Works Depot Facility

West End Water and Maintenance Depot

River Road West

River Road West

Groundwater Monitoring Program

"The Town of Wasaga Beach measures the groundwater table elevations at 14 monitoring wells throughout Town on a monthly basis.  The location of the monitoring wells are shown on the site location map below.

The groundwater elevations and fluctuations included on the graphs and summary table below should only be used for informational purposes.  Actual groundwater elevations and fluctuations may vary significantly from the recorded information based on location and time of year.  Also please note that the absolute seasonal high and low groundwater elevations may not be recorded.  The Town of Wasaga Beach does not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented."

Kevin Lalonde - Director of Public Works

Phone705-429-2540  Ext. 2302


Mike Latimer - Project Coordinator

Phone705-429-2540  Ext. 2342


East-West Transportation Route Study

2017 Transportation Study Update (FINAL)

Mike Latimer - Project Coordinator

Phone705-429-2540  Ext. 2342


Klondike Park Public Information Centre Boards

Road Needs Study Update 2019

Mike Pincivero - Engineering Manager

Phone705-429-2540  Ext. 2307

Water Rates & Treasury

Water Rate Study Update

Council Remuneration Report 2012

Wasaga Beach DC Study - 02 Nov 2015

Jocelyn Lee - Treasurer

Phone705-429-3844  Ext. 2244

Natural Heritage Studies

South Bank Study

Beach and Dune Conservation and Protection

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

Dune Outlier Study

Background Review and Landscape Model

West End Natural Heritage Review

Economic Development

Commercial Needs Study

Appendices to Commercial Needs Study

Municipal Comparison Study - How Wasaga Beach compares to other Ontario municipalities.

Completing The Picture - A commercial needs study completed by the Centre for Business and Economic Development for communities in the Georgian Triangle.

Inter-Governmental Action Plan (IGAP)

Wasaga Great Business Opportunities

Where the Jobs Are

A Land Use Planning Guide for Businesses

Johanna Griggs - Economic Development Officer

Phone705-429-3844 Ext. 2284


Tourism Strategy

Johanna Griggs - Economic Development Officer

Phone705-429-3844  Ext. 2284

Parks & Facilities

Parks Facilities and Recreation Master Plan

Wasaga Stars Arena - Audit Building Assessment

Chris Roos - Manager of Parks & Facilities

Phone705-429-3321 Ext. 2502

Planning & Development

Municipal Comparison Study

Beach Area 1 & 2 Visioning Project

Housing Strategy

Active Transportation Plan

Wasaga Beach AT Wayfinding Master Plan

Wasaga Beach DC Background Study - Final

Pine Valley Development

Traffic Impact Study-Pine Valley

Traffic Impact Study Addendum-Pine Valley

Doug Herron - Manager of Planning & Development

Phone705-429-3844 Ext. 2284