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Historical Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Wasaga Beach Historical Advisory Committee is to advise and assist Council on matters relating to the recognition and promotion of the Town's history.


To advise Council on matters of historical significance including properties, individuals, businesses, events or other matters of historical relevance that have contributed to or influenced the history of Wasaga Beach and its predecessor communities; work with community members towards recognizing and promoting the Town's history. At the request of owners, to act as a resource by providing information or advice pertaining to conservation, restoration and renovation of properties of historical significance. 

Delegated Authority

The Wasaga Beach Historical Advisory Committee is established as an advisory committee to Council and does not have any delegated authority or the authority to direct staff.

The Committee is to operate within its mandate under the oversight of the General Government Committee.

Committee Composition

The Committee will be composed of up to seven (7) persons who demonstrate an interest in the history of Wasaga Beach and its predecessor communities.

Specifically, the Committee will include:

  • Five (5) members of the community at large, who reside and/or own property within the municipality, as voting members;

  • One (1) member of Council as a voting member;

  • Archivist as a voting member;

  • Town Clerk as a resource;

  • Planning and Development Department staff liaison as a resource; and

  • Economic Development & Communications Officer as a resource.

  • The Mayor shall serve ex-officio as a voting member of the Committee.

Only members, appointed by Council, may vote on any issue.

Other individuals or individuals representing organizations, with an interest in the Town's history, may be invited to the meetings, as required, but without voting privileges.

Additional individuals may apply to be included as affiliate members.

Council may by resolution at any time and from time to time at its sole discretion remove any member, voting or non-voting, from the Committee, as it deems advisable.


The Wasaga Beach Historical Advisory Committee may establish subcommittees, as needed, to consider specific issues within the mandate of the Committee.  Subcommittees are not required to be approved through the General Government Committee and/or Council.  Subcommittees are responsible for the preparation of their own agendas and minutes as required and making their own arrangements for meeting locations.  Only appointed members of the Wasaga Beach Historical Advisory Committee may be members of any subcommittees.  Subcommittees must distribute a copy of its minutes to the Wasaga Beach Historical Advisory Committee and General Government Committee.

Term of Office 

The term of the members of the Committee shall be four years coinciding with the term of the Council that has made the appointment.


The Committee will meet monthly, or as required, with the exception of the summer season and the month of December, with the specific dates and times for meetings to be determined by the Committee at its October meeting each year, and provided to the Town Clerk.


Quorum shall be a majority of the appointed members of the Wasaga Beach Historical Advisory Committee.  A quorum shall consist of 50% plus 1 of the voting members.

Committee members are expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings.  In the event that a member other than the Mayor and affiliate members are unable to attend a meeting, the member must contact the Chair in advance and advise him or her.  If a member other than the Mayor and affiliate members has been absent for three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings and has failed to advise the Chair in advance, the member shall be deemed to have abandoned his or her appointment and the position shall be considered vacant.


The Committee Agenda shall contain the following items:

  • Call To Order

  • Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

  • Minutes of Last Meeting

  • Deputations/Presentations

  • Unfinished Business

  • Sub-Committee Reports, if any

  • New Business

  • Items for Future Meetings

  • Date of Next Meeting

  • Adjournment


The Committee shall be subject to the provision of the Town's Procedural By-Law to Govern the Proceedings of Council and its Committee, as amended, and shall adhere to Town policies and procedures.

Communication and Reporting

The minutes of all Committee meetings will be presented to the General Government Committee, for review.

For recommendations requiring a decision of Council, the Committee shall provide advice, through a Staff Report, to the General Government Committee for review and consideration of further action.

Should the Committee wish to be a delegation to the General Government Committee, Committee of the Whole or Council, the request shall be made through the Clerk's Office. 

The Committee will submit an annual report at the beginning of each New Year outlining the Committee's accomplishments in the previous twelve months, and its work plan and projects for the coming year.

Web presence is supported through the Town's web site based on information provided by the Town Clerk.

Municipal Support

The Clerk's Office shall be the lead department and the Town Clerk the contact person for the Committee and for general inquiries of a historical nature.

The Town Clerk, or designate is to be present at all meetings of the WB Historical Advisory Committee.

Additional staff, individuals or representatives of other groups may be requested to attend meetings at the discretion of the Wasaga Beach Historical Advisory Committee.


Routine administrative costs associated with the work of the Committee will be allocated from the Committee's annual budget.