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​Planning and Development



Planning and Development services helps to guide, regulate and facilitate development within the Town of Wasaga Beach by balancing the interests of property owners, developers and the public with the broader needs and objectives of the community. The planning department is responsible for;

  • Developing long range planning and development goals and objective
  • Official Plan and Planning Act consultation
  • Implementation of the Comprehensive Zoning By-law
  • Review of Development Proposals
  • Update and review development and land use regulations and policies


Review and processing of


  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Minor variance and severance applications
  • Building permits for zoning compliance
  • Plans of Subdivision and Condominium
  • Exceptions to part lot control
  • Deeming By-laws and validations of title
  • Development proposals
  • Site Plans

Active Development

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Planning & Development FAQs

Q: Why didn’t I get notice of the Public Meeting in my mailbox, but my neighbour did?

A: You may have been outside the minimum circulation radius as stipulated by the Planning Act for giving notice.  Please follow the below links to the Planning Act or contact the Planning Department to discuss.

Notice of Public Meeting Official Plan Amendment -

See Regulation 543/06:

Notice of application for approval of plan of subdivision - See Regulation 544/06:

Notice of Zoning By-Laws - See Regulation 545/06:

Q: Can I cut down trees on my property?

A: Generally, a permit is not required to remove trees from a single residential property.  However, if your lands are commercially zoned, located in woodland, located on lands located in the Natural Heritage System as provided by the Town of Wasaga Beach Official Plan, or are located on lands that are greater than 1 hectare in area, you are not permitted to remove trees.

You can contact the Planning Department to discuss, or on this website under By-laws, view Tree Injury By-law 2006-61 and Tree Cutting By-law 2004-72.

Q: When do I need to pay development charges and how do I find out how much I need to pay?

A: Development charges are generally due and payable at building permit stage.  Typically, County, Education and Town of Wasaga Beach Development Charges are applied. 

Please contact the Building Department  to determine the most current charges applicable to your property. Phone705 429-1120

Credits may be available for residential or commercial demolitions.  You may visit the following link to view the Town of Wasaga Beach Development Charges By-law 2010-106

Zoning FAQs

Q: Can I operate a business out of my home?

A: Home Occupations are permitted in the Residential Type 1, Residential Type 2, and Estate Residential Zones. 

Please See the Home Occupation Provisions within Sections 3.31, 3.32, and 3.33 of the Town of Wasaga Beach Zoning By-Law for a list of permitted home occupations and provisions.

Also, please consult with the By-Law Department for business licensing requirements.

Q: Who do I complain to if I believe someone is in contravention of the Zoning By-law?

A: Please file a complaint with the Planning Department.

Complaint Form

Q: What’s a zoning compliance letter? How do I get one and how much does it cost?

A: Town of Wasaga Beach Zoning compliance letters provide confirmation of the zoning of a property and the permitted uses within that zoning category.   The zoning compliance letter will also include:

-civic address

-legal description

-if the building on site complies with minimum yard requirements (if an up to date survey prepared by an Ontario Land Survey is provided showing the location of the building)

-building permit information

-servicing available to the lands (i.e. if municipal water and sewer are available)

-if records indicate the lands were the subject of a minor variance or severance application

A zoning Compliance letter is available from the Planning Department for a fee of $125.00.  Please allow for a minimum of two weeks to process your request.

Q: Can I have a pool? What are the requirements, if I was to install one?

A: Yes.  The zoning by-law provides required setbacks to lot lines for the pool and any pumping equipment. 

Please see Section 3.7 in the Town of Wasaga Beach Zoning By-law 2003-60.

The pool may also be required to be fenced and a permit is required from the Building Department prior to installation.

Please contact the Building Department to determine permit requirements.

Phone705 429-1120

Q: Can I change the zoning of my property?

A: You have to submit an application for zoning by-law amendment to apply to have your zoning changed. Please contact the Planning Department to discuss your plans.


Q: How long does it take to process a zoning by-law amendment application?

A: The process could take approximately 3-6 months from submission of the application to consideration by Town Council.

Complex rezoning applications and those that may involve an Official Plan amendment can take longer as they have to be forwarded to the County of Simcoe for approval.

Q: What does “F” or “H” mean when attached to a zone?

A: Please see Sections 3.11 and 3.24 of the Town of Wasaga Beach Zoning By-Law 2003-60.

Q: Can I rent my home to the travelling public?

A: If your home is residentially zoned, you may not rent your house as a rental cottage to the travelling public. 

A Bed and Breakfast may be permitted in compliance with zoning and business licensing criteria. 

Please contact the Planning Department and the Business Licensing Department for further details.